How much money is spent on gambling in NZ in 2019?

Gambling in New Zealand is being controlled by the Department of internal affairs. Many reliable gambling sites which gets more profit is being operated by the state owned institutions.

The statistics says that, 2383 million dollars is being spent on gambling in NZ in 2019. There are many types of gambling including both online and offline is being played in New Zealand. Some of them being played there are listed below:

  • Horse racing
  • Lotteries
  • Pokers
  • Casinos

The New Zealand racing board (TAB) has spent on gambling in New Zealand in 2019 is 350 dollars. Lotteries commission in New Zealand has spent over 561 dollars and the casinos have spent 578 dollars in the year 2019.

gambling statistics

Problem gambling in New Zealand in 2019:

Based on the research done by the business and economic research limited, problem gambling in New Zealand 2019 has the lowest score. It is significant that 1-2% of the families involved in the social cost of alcohol, tobacco and the other kinds of drugs.

The Problem Gambling Foundation (PGF) has made a statement that there is no evidence available which suggests the problem gamblers in New Zealand.

The problem gambling in New Zealand in 2019, works under the control of Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand. It is a national non-profit organization and is being funded by the Ministry of Health.

New Zealand gambling statistics 2019:

The main NZ gambling statistics 2019, activity includes TAB racing and sports betting, New Zealand lotteries products, gaming machine and also casino gambling. The survey respondents and the statistics were categorized into groups.

They were categorized into four groups which include: new gamblers, occasionally playing gamblers, regular gamblers and the regular non constant gamblers. New gamblers are never placed the bet before and they don’t have any knowledge about gambling.

Occasionally playing gamblers will play at their free time like two times in a month. The regular gamblers will participate every day and they win the match. In the regular non constant gamblers, the most of the adults engage in weekly or more is Lotto.

The New Zealand gambling statistics 2019 says that the persons aged 18 years and more have gambled once at least in their life time.

Regular continuous gamblers are the most risk taking persons and they are mostly 10 percent of the adult population. During the survey period, the statistics says the persons above 18 plays gambling in New Zealand.

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